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It has been almost 6 years since we last published TSW. For many reasons, maintaining the site became impossible with just two of us, and when our hosting company went under with very little notice, leaving us with very little time to back up our huge project, it appeared to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. In the past 6 years, I have made a start on republishing the site many many times, but with only cached pages as an option to gain our content back, it really was a mammoth task, and I have found it slow going, making little progress around life and work and training.


However, one silver lining to come from the Covid-19 lockdown is that I have had time to make real progress, and I have been reminded just how important The Shotokan Way was, and should be. And in no way am I tooting our own horns with that statement, because, believe me when I say TSW is not important because of us, but because of you. Every single person that has read, supported, shared, linked and fed back on everything we have published. You, who we interviewed, sharing your stories and experiences so openly and honestly. You who completed interviews on our behalf, translated interviews, shared candid photographs, sent emails, wrote reviews, articles and so on and so forth. TSW became, through all of you, a place to share, highlight and celebrate Shotokan; both its history, and its future.


We hope to continue this celebration. It will take a little while yet to finish the remainder of TSW, the articles, reviews and everything else, but we begin with the interviews, the beating heart of TSW. We have every hope of completing more interviews, both catching up with those of you we have already been lucky enough to interview, and in interviewing those we haven’t quite got yet.


This is a work in progress, and as this project continues to grow, we thank you for your continued support and your interest in what started, 16 years ago, as nothing more than a personal research project. Never did we expect that at our peak, we would be enjoying a readership of 75000, and be in conversation with some of the greatest karate-ka on the planet. And now, with hope, long may it continue.


Thank you.


The Shotokan Way

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